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Hey buddy can you spare 1 minute and 16 seconds to watch this video?

Web Video Production

As internet access gests more reasonable, faster and more powerful, websites are adding features such as video to enhance the viewers overall experience.

YouTube.com, a video hosting company,  is one of the most visited websites in the world. Why look at pictures and words when you can see a real-time full-motion demonstration of what you are looking to learn more about?

Factxback.com has the necessary equipment for most web-based video projects. We have lighting, professional microphones and other resources needed for a professional appearance.

Broadcast Quality High-End Video Projects.

We also work with strategic partners to produce higher quality, Fortune 500 Video Productions.

Learn our video philosophy.

On April 18, 2012 Robert Kothe, Owner of Factxback, was one of three speakers featured by the HIA-LI (Hauppauge Industrial Association) for marketing content.  Robert spoke about Video production and some website Internet tips. Watch the following full video or it segments to learn more about our Video Production philosophy and how it can help your business.

Click here for the entire 22 minute video .

It is broken into to separate topics below in 12 parts.
Topics Included:
Part 1 - Why Video Helps SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) using Google and YouTube.
Part 2 – Tip: Using Keyword rich domain names to improve ranking.
Part 3 – What are “Mixed Search Results” How to use them with Video.
Part 4 – Using Video to get found on Google using YouTube.
Part 5- How to decide what kind of videos to make.
Part 6 – Using Video with Social Networking.
Part 7 – Some Website Tips.
Part 8 – Don’t Get fooled by SEO companies. Exactly what do the promise to get found on Google? 
Part 9 – Using Video for credibility and awareness (part 1).
Part 10 - Using Video for credibility and awareness (part 2).
Part 11 – Using video to show off assets (Business “Show and Tell”).
Part 12 – Video Quick tips for better quality videos and to keep you out of legal trouble .