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You know someone (perhaps it is yourself)
who might be somebody that we are looking for.
Somebody who could use more money or free time to enjoy the things that is important to them.

Great, Even though you might not know the person who told you about this website. At least you know that we may be able to help you or someone that you know make money, gain valuable time in their life. 

Click Here for Many Examples of Types of Ways to Make Money.

The type of additional income that you are looking for often depends on several factors. Your time available, investment seed income that you have or can raise and your level of education needed to succeed at the particular income source. 

Income Shifting
– It is OK to shift between income sources until you have the right kind of income for your required lifestyle.

Evolving and changing income examples:
For example. ..  You might want to use the money from your day job to start a business of your own. When the business income exceeds the day job money, it might be a good idea to give your business full-time effort and leave your day job.

As your company grows, you may sell the business and purchase a franchise or franchise-like business. Or perhaps you might take earnings from your business sale and purchase sound investments that are designed to grow your money for you.

Multiple Streams of Income 
If you took the income quiz above you probably noticed that there could be more than one type of income that applies to your situation. In fact, you might have more than one completely separate income source within a category. For example, an actor/performer might be receiving royalty checks for a recording as well as separate royalty checks for many movies that she/he performed in.

It is wise to derive many forms of income. This gives you more money to live on. It also creates protection in the event that one (or more) of the income sources dry up.

How we might be able to help you – Future Income:
You already took the income quiz above to find out what type of income that you currently have. Now take the following quiz to find out if you have the time or money to create additional income. We will show several ways that we can help if you contact us.

Hourly Only – Can you introduce me to clients or networking people who might be hiring at this time? I am willing to trade time for money on either a part time or full time basis.

Investment: This option will not cost me anything except time.

Flat Salary / Salary with bonuses / – Can you introduce me to a company that is looking for a steady employee? I would like a job.  

Investment: This option will not cost me anything except time.

Tips or Straight Commission – I am not afraid to get paid for productivity that I give to my employer. As long as I am compensated well enough for my efforts I do not require a guaranteed salary.  I understand that Robert Kothe (the owner of this website) or some of his contacts, have some straight compensation positions on a 1099 basis that I might qualify for. I can make a few hundred extra dollars per month up to several thousand extra dollars per month if I am willing to put in the time, get trained for free, and do some work.

Investment: This option will not cost me anything except time.

Self Employed – I would like to start a business. I have the skills, the degrees, and the business idea but I would like to run the ideas past an experienced business person as well as be directed to resources that can make my efforts more effective. Robert Kothe and his contacts have already started businesses and could be willing to share some advice and pitfalls to self employment.

Investment – Getting to know each other is free. We may mention some government resources that are also free.

If you are open minded about the type of business,  we may tell you about some businesses you might consider with a proven business plan.

You may also choose to make would be in your education. We know a few business academies, business coaches, and consultants that you can hire to help you with your ideas. You will also need to have (or raise) capital of your own depending the type of business. On the low end you may only need a computer. On the other side of the spectrum the average small business costs around $40,000 to start.

Managed Real-Estate – I would like to be a landlord. I understand that Robert Kothe (the owner of this business) and some of his contacts are also landlords.   I may be able to get advice or learn some potential horrors of being a landlord. I would also like to meet some people in real-estate, real-estate attorneys, and mortgages who may be able to help me find the investment properties, help me finance them and help me structure the closing and legal agreements with my tenants. I may also need help finding the tenants.

Investment – The property will cost several hundred thousand dollars. Depending on the financing, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars and up to close on the property, service the mortgage debt, pay an attorney and compensate real-estate professionals.  Many of the professional’s initial consultations are free.

Residual income – Royalties - I have an Idea for a book or residual income source. I know Robert Kothe also wrote a book. I would like to sit down to learn some mistakes or ideas that you may encounter while writing or marketing his book.

Investment: You pay for the coffee when we meet. ($1.99 to $7.99 depending if it is regular coffee or overpriced blends that are hard to pronounce)

Investment income – I do have extra money to invest. Can you introduce me to some people who can help me invest the money?

Investment: Between $50 per week up to millions of dollars. We know many financial advisors who use standard investment principals.

We also know a company that has raised over $65,000,000 for drug companies, medical specialty companies, and start-up enterprises with a unique patent or trademark. I can tell you right now that if you are not already a millionaire, the government will not legally allow you to invest in anything that is reserved for “Sophisticated Investors”. If you are not a “Sophisticated Investor”. Stick with the financial advisors.

Business Income – If you are already self-employed and wish to systemize the business like a big self-run corporation we can introduce you to an academy that trains self employed people to step out of the business (figuratively) and work on the business to build it into a series of systems.

Franchises – I understand that some of your contacts may be franchised. I would like tyo learn more about what they have to offer.

Investment – The average franchise costs around $150,000 and can go up to $3 million on the high end.

Residual Income Business – I would like to learn more about a business that I can start on my own and eventually build it up to a level that it pays me on an ongoing basis. I realize that initially it will take time and work but I am willing to do what it takes to get trained, capitalize my business with some inventory and be on my way towards developing an income that can pay me for years to come.

Investment: Initial consultation and overviews are free. We will however suggest that you invest a few dollars to evaluate the product line(s) or services that the business offers. You should also expect to pay for a few local trainings. These trainings range between $25 up to $260. The larger trainings might be out-of-state and may involve travel expenses.

If you choose to move forward after your evaluation, the average start-up investment (including some first year expenses) is between $500 to $1,500. If you currently do not have between $500 to $1,500 then that alone is the reason you need to make this work –YOU ARE BROKE !!! – WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW IS NOT WORKING. If this is the case and you are willing to follow a proven business plan, we might be able to help you raise the money so that you can invest in the business. All the while you can also be earning income during the evaluation process.

Does the last option sound too good to be true?
We wrote the descriptions in as much as a non-bias way as possible. We did not make assumptions or judge people when we described Government Entitlements and we did not put on a pedestal people who created a business empire and now can sit back and watch it run itself. 

IT IS NOW YOUR TURN NOT TO JUDGE US – The only commonality that any of the above options have in common is your willingness to sit down and meet us. Your only initial commitment is to contact us so that we can get together.

Are we bias towards one choice above? 
Frankly, the passive residual income business option sounds great because it is great. It is personally Robert Kothe’s, (author of Millionaires’ Secrets Revealed) favorite option. This option is low risk and high potential return.

Here is where it is not too good to be true. It involves a commitment on your behalf to spend time and some money towards your future. It is not a get-rich-quick.

Despite our bias,  is our favorite option for everyone?
Any of the above options may or may not be for you depending on your timing, your income level, your connections, your personality, your current situations in life, and especially your attitude. We can make you one promise. If you lead us to the right people, we can make it mutually profitable.

Do you qualify?
Frankly . . . we do not know if you (or who you know) qualify for any of the options. There are distance limitations, time restraints (on our behalf (and commitment levels that we need to make in order to help you. We also do not want to recommend anybody who may waste our networking partner’s time or ruin our reputation.

Variables that effect your decision:
I know what we offer works and is real but it all comes down to several variables on your behalf:

Investigation – We firmly believe that if you took the time to find out what we have and how it works there would be no reason why most people would not be interested in continuing their investigation.

The first step in the investigation:

The first step to the investigation is to have an overview of several of our business options. We will discuss the time requirements and levels of commitments required to make this work. We will discuss the many ways that you can make money both immediate money and long term, passive, and ongoing income.

Skepticism VS Sinicism -
Skepticism is healthy- Skepticism is the feeling that you will not relax your guard until you get the facts and see for yourself. This protects you from making mistakes and believing everyone about everything. Skepticism is necessary and healthy but it involves taking action to verify the facts.

Sinicism is unhealthy. – Sinicism assumes that everyone around you is a liars and a cheat and that every opportunity is a scheme. Sinicism assumes that just because WorldComm cooked the books and went bankrupt that AT&T must also be equally guilty because they are in the same industry. 

Skepticism Vs Sinicism Example:
Robert Kothe (the owner of this website and author of Millionaire’s Secrets Revealed) was with his wife at a movie theater. They brought along all of the remaining two-for-one discount tickets from the “Entertainment Book” because that night was the last day that the tickets were valid.

There must have been 10 unused Two-for-one tickets to give away.

Sinicism Example:
The first several people that Robert offered the free tickets to just outright said No they were not interested. They assumed there was a catch and there were strings attached. Ironically they were already online for the very same theater that they could have saved half price.  Several people in a row just said no without batting an eye.

Some of the people were actually rude and mean to Robert as if he was a con artist.

Skepticism Example:

Finally a person on line asked why Robert was giving away the tickets. He said,  “because tonight is the last night they are valid and if they were not used they would just be paper. My wife and I only plan on watching one movie tonight so the rest would go to waste if we don’t give them away. The person who asked that question said., I will take one.” Robert gave her the ticket.

Working forward towards the front of the line the remaining nine tickets went in a flash. People realized there was all upside and no downside.

The cynical people missed out 
Robert gave away the remaining tickets and proceeded to go towards the back of the line to re-join his wife.  Only some of the people who previously declined a ticket asked if he had more. Robert told them that he gave them all away. We wouldn’t be surprised if one or two of the rude ones were still convinced there were strings attached.

After the frenzy:
After the validity of free tickets was verified and people realized that it was a sincere offer the rest of the tickets went fast. Since there was only a small number of tickets the people who said no in the beginning as well as the ones who did not get a chance to say no all missed out on saving half price for the movie they were standing on line to anyway.

The same holds true with great business opportunities. If you hesitate or say no without getting the facts, we may no longer have the time to help you if you changed your mind or just label you a cynic since you convicted us without getting the facts. 

You may already have a strike against you:
When you found out about this website you might have been asked to provide us a way to contact you or follow up. If you did not provide us a way to follow up with you then the ball is completely in your court if you want to get more information. We have no way of knowing who you are.

The next step is . . .

Pick up the phone right now and contact the person who told you about this website immediately.

Sit down with them and find out what they found and how they may be able to help you.  All the people that know about this website already know Robert Kothe, the creator of this website and the author of
“Millionaires’ Secrets Revealed”, so they are likely to extend any of the offers listed above in the types of income section.

So what’s the final thing that is stopping you?

It is not the fact that we are complete strangers because this whole website is all about finding people who have the positive qualities that we are looking for.

It’s not the fact that you don’t know anyone who qualify to with us. After all, you clicked on the link to enter this section of the web site.

It might be the fact that you are a cynic and are unwilling to investigate us before you made a decision. Let me ask you? Did you already decide that you know exactly what kind of company we are due to your heightened sense of perception and clues through out this website? If you did you are a cynic. You have no idea what we do. That is why we should talk.

If you are a true skeptic then you agree that it is healthy to investigate and get the facts before you draw any conclusions. The skeptics should be calling.

Self Esteem / Ego.
The final and biggest reason why people do not take advantage of sincere and legitimate offers is because of self-esteem. Self esteem is also called a person’s “Ego”.

Low Self Esteem – If a person has low self esteem it is easy for them to reject our offer to discuss the possibilities of additional income. The self esteem tells the person that they are not good enough and they will never amount to anything. The low self esteem tells the person that this must not be a real opportunity because it is being offered to you. It must be one of those scams. If this is a possibility than at least admit that you want to make just a few hundred dollars per month. We can show you how to do this without disappointing your low self-esteem. We must warn you that there is a side effect. After making a few hundred dollars a month, your self esteem will get stronger and soon you are ready to learn how to make thousands of dollars per month.

High Self-Esteem:
Your ego tells you that you are too rich and important to do anything that does not put you as a pillar in society and that you are living the American Dream. You have all of the money and time you could possibly need. You wipe your butt on $10 bills and unless there is a way for you to make millions you are not interested.

If the above circumstances describe you: first of all, if it is all true we may be able to help find more time in your life to spend with people who are important to you. We may be able to show you a way to replace your current income and create time freedom.

If the above statement described by high self esteem is mostly true (since successful people do not wipe their butts with $10 bills because they have respect for money) then we sincerely would like to offer you congratulations on your success. The good news is that if you are open to multiple streams of income there are the talented few who we work with who have created 7-figure incomes. Call us anyway. Perhaps you can help a friend who is not as fortunate as you are.

We finish this section of the website the same way that we began it. This is to remind you of what kind of people we are good at working with. Somebody may come to mind or perhaps it is you.


Who do you know who could use more money in her/his life?
Who do you know who has lots of time but no money?

Who do you know who is already successful but could always use more money?

Who do you know who has lots of money but does not have the time to spend it?

Who do you know who would be willing to trade all of their belongings to get better health?

Who do you know who likes to help people?

Who do you know who is a teacher or instructor?

Who do you know who is business minded?

Who do you know who has a contagious personality? Who is bubbly, friendly, and fun to be around?

Who do you know who is well connected?

Who do you know who is well respected?

Who do you know who is a real go getter?

Who do you know who is open minded enough to get the facts before drawing a conclusion?

(Please re-read the last one).

Who do you know who is open minded enough to get the facts before drawing a conclusion?

Click here to contact us or get with the person who told you about this website.
Take action right away. Don’t be the person who missed out on the two-for-one, no strings attached movie coupon. (If you have no clue about what we are referencing, you didn’t read this entire website.)

Please Note: We are not an employment agency. Any mention of employment like activities is solely based on introducing you toward or telling you about companies who we associate with or network with.

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