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October 19, 2005

Huntington, New York
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Factxback Expands Operations in Florida

Factxback, a New York based website development and “business think tank” expands operations today to Cape Coral, Florida with the re-location of a top New York executive, David Svochak.

David Svochak has a diverse business background that includes the management of a New York based tele-communications and software distribution company. In the Florida office, Mr. Svochak is partnered with Robert Kothe who will continue to be based out of New York.

The expansion takes advantage of the housing and population explosion in the Naples, Cape Coral and  Fort Myers areas of Southwest Florida. The firm already has clients from New Hampshire all the way to California.

“Our art canvas and our office is the Internet, The World Wide Web“, remarks Robert Kothe. “All we need is a telephone, an Internet connection and we can provide the same quality of service from coast to coast.”

“Many of our competitors choose to use India as a source of programmers and graphic artists so it does not seem that far-fetched that we expand in the area where David Svochak has recently moved to.” - Robert Kothe

Factxback is primarily a website creation company that focuses on small and mid-sized companies. Their unique website solution gives creative and content control to the client. Their website clients can easily and cost-effectively maintain and change their website themselves.

Traditionally, small businesses are nickel-dimed with ongoing hourly charges to make even the most simple changes to their website.

In addition to website development Factxback provides video production, marketing and other creative services.

Factxback is also the parent company to the book, “Millionaires’ Secrets Revealed” written by Robert Kothe. This book is a wealth of information and resources for business minded people. It is based on Mr. Kothe’s research and interviews with self-made millionaires and other successful business owners.

Dave Svochak jokes that coincidentally his partner, Robert Kothe has a habit of showing up in Florida during winter months. Robert maintains that this is obviously not a coincidence, there is a “snow bird” in all of us.


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