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Meet some of our Friends, Clients, Affiliates, and Business Partners

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In business there are people you consider your "Inner Circle". These are people that you know are upstanding business people. These people can definitely help other in the industry they specialize in.

A sign of a great business person is that they place overwhelming amounts of value on their own persona integrity. They place just as much value on the relationships with other people.

On the home page of my website I ask "What keeps you awake at night". The following people are only a few of the people who can help with either some sleepless situations or some unrecognized dreams you wish to put in motion. Some people and companies are listed multiple times since they solve multiple situations.

Video Production and Multimedia

Advisions has been providing business solutions for over 30 years. Video production gets results. If you need a 30 second television commercial, a human resource orientation film, a trade show production or even a 2 hour  film, Advisions can get your results for a competitive price.  

Click here to learn more about our partnership with Advisions.

Residential Mortgages
Are you looking for a better rate on your mortgage?
Would you like to get extra short-term cash based on the equity you have in your home?

Residential Real Estate:
Are you looking for a new home?
Are you selling a home?

Commercial Real Estate
Are you a business owner who is in need of financing to purchase commercial property?
Are you a real-estate speculator who needs financing on an income property?

AAL Home Financial Services
Mr. Morty Bernstein and Associates
(516) 504-1264
11 Northern Blvd
Greatneck New York 11021

Hobbies and Colectables
Internet Address
Miniature Dolls, Doll House Accessories, 1/2 scale Dolls, 1:foot scale dolls
MiniatureDolls.com : Come visit one of our clients, Elaine’s Petite People Plus, if you are a collector of miniature dolls. Elaine Kothe, Owner and artisan (also Robert Kothe’s Mother) hand pours and paints these extremely reasonable dolls and doll accessories. www.MiniatureDolls.com

On-Line Shopping Links
Gifts :
Would you like to pick out a few choices of gifts and have the recipient choose his or her favorite from the last. If it is clothing they will complete the order by putting in his or her size and choice of colors. Wouldn't that keep you from making a mistake and purchasing the wrong gift?

Would you like to purchase from several of over 600 stores and over 1 million items and checkout with only one credit card transaction?

Health and Nutrition - Wellness
Would you like to take a FREE and confidential health survey written by ivy-league doctors that custom-tailors nutritional supplements that will meet your own personal nutritional requirements and challenges?

FREE E-mail
Would you like a FREE - No-Strings-Attached E-mail account with 8 Megs of storage space and spell check?