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The Information Age and Your Business

Were you given the following card?

What is the underlying meaning to the business card that I am handing out?

Fact is that if you are reading these words than you are at least able to visit the Internet. The business owner who does not have any way to get on the Internet to read this is at least one step behind you in the race.

In fact, I have learned from experience that if a business owner does not even have Internet access at home, then chances are they will never “Get it.”

When I say “Get It”, I mean that I can walk into their store and give books, literature, charts, and graphs with concrete evidence that the Internet can grow their business. They will still tell me that they don’t need the Internet for their business. These are the same people who donate thousands of dollars to local “Large Yellow Phone Books” and pay hundreds of dollars per week in local advertising. The are blind to the fact that there are entire generations of people who pride themselves on not having to open up one of those “Large Yellow Phone Books” to get information.

If a business is not willing to do business our way, than we will take our money to someone who will.

If I did have the charts, literature, and graphs available when I entered a store, I would be actually be admitting defeat. I would be handing out printed material to try and explain the Internet world. This is an exercise in futility. Paper is stagnant, bland, and uninteresting. The Internet is dynamic, flexible and can even be exciting at times.

Instead, I give out a simple black card. The card invites them to sit down at their own leisure, in the comfort of their own living rooms (or kids room), to briefly get inside of my head. Here they will get free advice and re-think you prior decision that they don not need the Internet.

Why do businesses need the Internet?

I have grown to be very cynical lately. I am reminded of a software company that I once worked for whose head engineer said, “The Internet is nothing. It is a fad. It will just go away.”

Ironically, that software company is no longer in business today. The engineer did eventually learn how to adapt our product for the Internet, but it was too little too late. Companies who had already understood the learning curve came out with solutions that were better, faster, and cheaper than ours.

”So you own a deli, or a bowling alley, a florist, or an auto body shop, what does the above story have to do with your business?

Reason Businesses Need the Internet #1:

If you advertise anywhere, you are wasting space without the proper connection.

If your ad does not have a "WWW" on it, you are limited to the 30 (or so) words in the ad.

With the "WWW" you are no longer limited.

My simple little black card says it all. No information, just a link to the Internet.

I might have came into your store and talked about the Internet. If I said at least one intelligent thing, you may have asked me for my business card. Here you are, looking me up on-line.

I’m not stupid. Asking for my card is the easiest way to get rid of me.

Not getting your business on the Internet is the easiest way to go out of business. I congratulate you for taking the next step and going on-line to see if I am for real.

Why Business Need to be on the Internet Reason #2:

Many people who walk into your store have E-Mail addresses. Do you leverage this fact or do you wait for them to come back in on their own?

People walk in to your store every day. Are these the same people every day or different people? Many of these people are on-line. They are like me (and the people I went to college with) we check our E-mail at least 20 times a day.

We leave our computers on 24/7 so we are not inconvenienced by the time it takes to turn on.

We have Cable Modems and DSL lines so we are always on the Internet without having to deal with the slowness of dial-up and the expense of phone bills.

We use the Internet 7:1 over the phone book. This is a fact.

For the record, I am not as fanatical as they come. There are others who can access the Internet using their cell phones and special wireless laptop connections.

I will get off my soapbox now and stop preaching to the quire. Click on the
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Don't Let This Happen to Your Business

9 out of 10 businesses fail within their first 3 years of existence. You have been in business for ten years so you feel that you are over the bump in the road. Think again.

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