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This the the 2011 Garfield Gathering website site.
(It was a lot of fun).

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Hi Garfield Gathering attendees  ACTION IS REQUIRED if you want to be included in the 2011 collections slide show. Click here to find out more

Hi there all you fans of the fat cat with attitude, The 2011 Garfield Gathering (Garfest) will be on Long Island New York.  Long Island is nearby to New York City  - the Big Apple (although Garfield prefers Lasagna.)  

Long Island is a suburb of the city which means it has plenty of free parking, wide open spaces, beautiful beaches, historic landmarks and plenty of things to do with the family. Click on the "Things to do” button above to learn more about Long Island, New York.

2011 Garfield Gathering (Garfest)
Long Island, New York (NY), USA
June 23-25, 2011

The 2011 Garfield Gathering Events:
(Click the “2011 Events” link above for an expanded description
Thursday June 23, 2011
- Registration in the Hyatt Regency Long Island (Hyatt Wind Watch) Lobby (Click here for more hotel information)

- Welcome Dinner with raffles and games

- Room Hopping

Friday June 24, 2011 

Trip to Atlantis Marine World Aquarium 

  • - Round-trip transportation to the Atlantis Marine World Aquarium
  • - Lunch at aquarium in a private party room. There will be raffles.
  • Some Activities at the Aquarium Include:
  • (Some activities are an extra fee)
  • - Discovery Boat ride
  • - Snorkel with sting rays
  • - Sky Tower
  • - Submarine simulator
  • - Sea lion Show
  • - Arcade Machines should be stocked with Garfield prizes
  • - And more . . .

- Room Hopping

Saturday June 25, 2011 

- Sale / Swap Meet with raffles and games (CLICK HERE) – Hyatt Ballroom

- Unofficial trip to Adventureland to win Garfield Prizes

Or . . . Explore Long Island (Click Here for the Long Island Visitors Bureau website)

- Banquet with live auction and raffles

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An authorized licensee,
“Catch the Moment”
will also be in attendance
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