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About the Garfield Gathering

The Garfield Gathering is a Garfield (the cat) collectors’ convention. It takes place in different locations every year, in June, around Garfield’s birthday.

2011 will be the 13th Garfield Gathering and it will take place on Long Island, New York. The 2011 hosts will be Cathy and Robert Kothe creators of the www.lovesgarfield.com collector’s website featuring some of their private Garfield collection.

Throughout the years, the Garfield Gathering has been organized by Nancy and Manny Vega, the Owners of Nancy’s Plush Toys - www.nancysplushtoys.com . They also sell Garfield collectibles. 

The Garfield Gathering is not sponsored by Paws, Inc., the creators of Garfield the cat. They help us out with logos, art work, auction items, interviews, video productions, and sometimes they send representatives to sell rare and one-of-kind Garfield Items including production samples.

The Garfield Gathering also has a facebook page at:


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