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Factxback History - Robert Kothe Biography

To review the history of Factxback is practically the same as reviewing the background of Robert Kothe. The Late 80's and early 90's when Robert was in high school and the University gave birth to widespread personal computers.

At the age of 12 Robert Kothe was programming video games on his Commodore 64. He tells about one strategy game that he wrote. The game became so quickly adapted by some of his friends who were better at the game that there was no way he was able to win the game that he personally wrote himself. As a 12-year old, If you can't beat them, re-write the game. He went home and re-programmed the game that with a special sequence by Robert's joystick his game piece turned to a PAC-Man like character and gobbled up his opponent's game pieces.

At the University of New Your New Paltz campus Robert started with a degree called "Computer Science with an Emphasis in Business".

Computers were useful but Business was more exciting to Robert Kothe. He was elected the President of the Business Students Association three years in a row. Robert was also active with dozens of Student Association's comities and organizations.  

Robert graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Minor in Computer Science.

How Factxback Came About

Around 1994 Factxback started as a fax-on-demand and Fax-Broadcasting company. We had some limited success but quickly realized that the Internet was far better than any fax technology available at the time.  Fax technology was becoming unfashionable. Laws were proposed that discouraged fax broadcasting. Although the law was not passed it was clear that Internet and computer technology was the future.

Robert Kothe, the Owner of Factxback, remembers when "Bulletin Boards" preceded the Internet. He would dial in with a 300-baud modem (considered blazing fast at the time) to another personal computer and download shared files provided on the server.  

At the time the Internet was new and commercialization of the Internet was frowned upon by seemingly militant technical people. The earlier users somehow believed that businesses should not be on-line. They believed that it would be the demise of the Internet. Slowly, over time, it became apparent that the Internet belonged to everyone educational as well commercial entities.  

The militants are gone. Today businesses more and more are shunned by society if they do not have a decent website.  

The Birth of the book Millionaires' Secrets Revealed

Robert Kothe never intended to write a book. His own personal quest and journey to be successful led to Robert reading the success classics such as "Think and Grow Rich" and "7 Habits of Highly Effective People".

The reading quickly turned to the interviewing of any self-made successful person who would talk with him. He met with Presidents of companies and successful investors. Informally and formally he would ask, "How did they do it?" and, "What did they do?" More importantly, he asked, "What can others do to be successful?"

"It always amazed me that un-successful people either wanted a loan or a job from successful people. The smart ones only get advice from successful people." - Robert Kothe

Robert Kothe's private notes turned into his book Millionaires' Secrets Revealed.

Soon after the release of Millionaires' Secrets Revealed certain networking organizations associations asked Robert Kothe to speak and do book signings for their membership. Robert always loved and was comfortable with public speaking and seminars ever since college when he was President of the Business Student Organization. In fact Robert Kothe was so comfortable with public speaking that he was one of the only people exempt from his high school Public Speaking class final exam. In a way it was rather ironic since Robert loves public speaking so much that he would rather have taken the exam since it was yet another public speech to be given.  

Be sure to check out the seminars page for more information about speaking engagements.

Factxback Today - The Inception of InternetMadeEZ.com

For years Factxback would build websites using the traditional methods.  They would build, host and maintain website for clients. This was the way everyone did it.

In 2002 Factxback integrated a unique tool that allows businesses to create, maintain, and update their own websites themselves. The advantage is the ability to constantly update and improve their websites without hemorrhaging money in updates and changes to their web developers.  

Realizing that many businesses need a leg-up and would want their web development company to be responsible for original graphics, initial design, and content creation, Factxback also can provide full-service design and hosting.

Click here or on our "Business websites" link to learn more about this unbelievable business building resource.