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Internet - Case Study www.cmedtravel.com

Most of Factxback’s website clients are businesses that see the value in the ability to have an active role in the growth and development of their own website. Such is the case of Concierge MedTravel (www.cmedtravel.com).

Concierge MedTravel is a Medical Travel company that specializes in travel packages for destinations outside the United States for men seeking a minimally invasive, alternative prostate cancer treatment known as Ablatherm HIFU.  

www.cmedtravel.com has chosen www.factxback.com for website support services due to our unique ability to allow clients to maintain, update, add-to and constantly improve their website.

Since research and technology about prostate cancer treatment is an ongoing activity. www.cmedtravel.com is able to constantly publish links to prostate cancer scientific research as well as videos and other media. 

Go to www.cmedtravel.com to see this resourceful website.

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