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Main Category : Toys and Hobbies - Collectable / Miniature Dolls and Accessories / Accessories / Ceramic Accessories

Pumpkin with Spooky Scene
Price: $16.00
Pumpkin (Ceramic) - Cut Open With Spooky Scene

Evil Pumpkins
Price: $6.00
Pumpkin (Ceramic) with Different Faces Cut Out

Price: $5.00
Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin (Ceramic) - various

Jack-O-Lantern - Large
Price: $5.00
Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin (Ceramic) - various

Pumpkin with Ghost
Price: $10.00

Pumpkin with Spider
Price: $10.00

Snaggle Tooth Pumpkin
Price: $10.00

Price: $5.00
Pumpkin (Ceramic) - various sizes
* Can be 1 or 2 pieces (lid cut off)

Scarecrow Pumpkin
Price: $14.00
Scarecrow Pumpkin (Ceramic) - various

Christmas Tree with Package
Price: $16.00
Christmas Tree with Package (Ceramic)

Christmas Tree with Star - Large
Price: $16.00
Large Christmas Tree with Star (Ceramic)

Christmas Tree with Star - Medium
Price: $14.00
Medium Christmas Tree with Star (Ceramic)

Christmas Tree with Star - Small
Price: $12.00
Small Christmas Tree with Star (Ceramic)

Christmas Tree
Price: $10.00
Christmas Tree - Plain (Ceramic)

Christmas Tree Candy Dish
Price: $9.00
Christmas Tree Candy Dish (Ceramic)
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