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How to get to the top of the “Pyramid” of your dreams
. . . Be the person you used to dream of becoming with the right kind of “Pyramid”.

By Robert Kothe, Author of Millionaires' Secrets Revealed

With an open mind, what you previously thought was a  “Pyramid” can give you the life that you once dreamed of (when you used to dream. )

Do you remember your life’s dreams? This was long before you were overrun with the harsh reality of a redundant existence of going to work, coming home, watching TV, and going back to work.

I am here to tell you that not all pyramids are illegal, immoral, or even scary. A pyramid is simply a triangle. A triangle is merely a shape. Triangles are often used to describe thousands of well know structures and concepts.  In fact the Egyptian pyramids are considered one of the seven wonders of the world. They were used as shrines for the wealthy owners in their ever-lasting afterlife.

Why worry about the after life right now? Live for today and create an existence that you can be proud of. This article can help you if you keep an open mind.

Another well known pyramid is the work of the 20th century Physiologist, Abraham Maslow. This concept is known as the “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.” In this famous pyramid, the ultimate goal of human existence is on the top of the pyramid. It is a state called “Self Actualization”. (I will educate you more on the Maslow Pyramid later in this article.)

With an open mind, some work, and perhaps the right Network Marketing company, you can  get yourself  to the top of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of the needs Pyramid. The top of this pyramid involves being all that you can be and living the life of your dreams. It is accomplishing a higher purpose.

You ask, How can this be done? A simple fact is that some of the higher quality Network Marketing companies can actually give you financial freedom and time freedom if you apply the system right and give it some time to work for you. With your new found freedoms, you can achieve the fulfillment of your higher purpose in life. Once again, Maslow calls this “Self Actualization”.  It is the top of his pyramid and the highest state of living in Maslow’s psychological model.

Oh my god, I used the terms Network Marketing. Isn’t that one of those “Pyramid things?”  Quick, get out your crosses. Surround your bed with garlic. Maybe you have to drive a steak through my heart to get rid of me. As a bare minimum, immediately run your virus scan program. This file must be infected with a computer virus or something.  

If you are “ignorant” (to be defined later) you might consider me yet another unfortunate soul overcome by one of those Network Marketing “cults.” (Ignorant is a harsh word but there is a cure. If you read the rest of this article I will give you the simple vaccine to cure the deadly “Ignorance Disease.”) The Ignorance Disease is one of the leading causes of people ending up “Dead Broke” after retirement after working for 45 years with nothing to show for it. Dead broke is defined as only having an annual income of less than $8,000 per year to live off of. 62% of Americans past the age of 65 suffer from this very debilitation financial situation. This is according to the US Social Security Administration not any one Network Marketing company.

Symptoms of Ignorance Disease include:
  • Not having enough money to be able to retire.
  • Ending up taking a par-time job after retirement.
  • Having to work for the rest of your life.
  • Being forced to move in with your children (The boomerang syndrome.)
  • Being so blind that you don’t realize that the only person you are making rich is the owner of your company (the top of the Corporate Pyramid) Take a minute to think about it. All companies are like a pyramid, all governments are also like a pyramid. This is not a bad thing. It would never work if you turned it the other way. You would have 1000 people planning and conceptualizing and only 1 person doing all of the work for the company.
Symptoms of Ignorance Disease Also Includes:
  • Degradation of your health due to lack of interest in researching and using an all-natural Nutritional Supplement that may be able to help you or someone that you love.  (Even if it is distributed by “One of those Companies.”)
  • Lack of money because you were un-willing to get more information about a business a friend is happily involved in.
I hear it all of the time when I talk about a business that I am proud of, some people ask me, “Is that one of those Pyramid things?” That is like saying, “Do you still beat your wife?” There is no right way to answer this question because they already stereotyped me in a negative category in their mind. Anything I say would be meaningless since the case is closed and I am already convicted. (This behavior is ignorant!)

Not only will this article hopefully cure you from the “Ignorant Disease”, but if you stick  through the entire article, you too may be able to climb to the top of the “pyramid of success.”  This by the way is a good thing. This can all be done without losing your friends and your family. You can accomplish all of your goals without doing anything, illegal, immoral, or unethical.

First, I need to make an important distinction. Throughout this article, when I refer to “Network Marketing” I am referring to completely legal companies who operate within the boundaries of the law (hence the term legal). I am NOT referring to illegal “Get Rich Quick” schemes that violate laws (hence the term illegal.) There are many illegal get rich quick schemes out there and I do not recommend getting involved with any of them.

With that said, I will say it now and I will say it loud. My name is Robert Kothe, author of “Millionaires’ Secrets Revealed”  (Copyright 2002 published by Insight Publishing) and I am proud to be actively involved in a Network Marketing company.

For those of you who might have read my book “Millionaires’ Secrets Revealed”, you might remember that in one of the chapters I basically insulted the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) industry. I had some good points but looking back some of my statements were somewhat bias and I too made some ignorant judgments in my book.

Part of achieving Self Actualization is admitting your mistakes, learning from your mistakes, and moving on. Much  of my basis for the statements that I made were based on the fact that I previously tried one MLM company and did not make much money with it. Knowing what I know now, the amount of time and energy needed to be successful at that one particular MLM that I tried, was more than I was willing to (or did) put in.

Aren’t you happy to hear that there is a cure for the deadly Ignorance Disease? For me to once again evaluate, and join, another company in the same industry means that this one is different. I am finally willing to do what it takes to be successful. The truth will set me free so here I go.

I am not in a cult. I am in a business designed to create leverage in order to achieve both financial freedom and time freedom for myself and my family and the people I am in business with. I sell products that help people live longer and help companies grow their business. I am further in the position to help others also achieve financial and time freedom for themselves.  Sounds good doesn’t it? Not scary at all.

Lets Clear Up Some Assumptions:
Up until now I have made a few too many assumptions. I assumed you are familiar with the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs psychological model. I am also assuming that you might know more about Network Marketing beyond the phrase “Oh . . . Is that’s one of those pyramids? I’M NOT INTERESTED! ” I also have not defined ignorant yet.

Some Definitions and Clarifications:
Ignorant- (1) To pre-judge something or someone without getting enough facts. (2) To lump everything in a category that you assume it resembles. (3) To fault a person for activities that you barely know anything about.

Network Marketing - A category of business where individuals learn the business and are able to duplicate their efforts with the help of others. This creates people leverage. The end result is a company with many people each doing a little work, to create tremendous results (if done right with the right business model.)

Thanks to the Internet, prior to writing this article I was able to do a quick refresher to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It has been years since I took Psychology in High School and College.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in a Nutshell:
Maslow‘s Hierarchy of needs is a psychological model used to describe human behavior. It is a progression through human needs from basic survival requirements all the way up to human bliss.

The lower needs are pre-requisites that need to be achieved before the person  can progress to the higher level needs. You can not progress up the pyramid without first accomplishing the lower needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

1 - (the top of the Pyramid) Self Actualization - Achieving one’s mission or calling. To maximize one’s potential. Accomplish a greater good outside their body. Spirituality, Needs, Politics , Hobbies, Science, and Psychology.

2 - Ego Needs- (Esteem Needs) - Self Respect and respect from others (Self Help, Pride, Direction, and Empowerment. )

3 - Social Needs  (belongingness and love) - Being part of a community, a church, or (to some) a gang. To be liked by others.

4 - Security Needs- (Safety needs) Medical Emergency, rescue, Coping. Safety (Safety Planning, Food Supply, Shelter, Emergency Supplies.) Psychological safety involves being part of a well functioning family.

5 - Body needs (Physiological Needs) Body needs- air, food, and the right temperature range.

NOTE: In the Diagram above, I personally added in the words Money , Time, and personal Development.  This is not part of Maslow’s work. My only point is that Money is often needed to get the shelter, food, and security. Time is often needed to seek out social situations and help your ego. With both financial problems and time concerns under control. A person can work on the personal development needed to be Self Actualized.

How the Hierarchy Works:
The body needs certain minimum environmental conditions to survive. These are the BODY needs. Without food, water, air, and certain temperature ranges, a human will surely die. Once the living conditions are met the body tries to achieve SECURITY.

If a person does not feel safe they can not make it to the next level of social needs. Psychological security is very important when a child is developing. A good family life can bring psychological security. A bad on can mess the person up for life.

War torn countries are forced to function at a lower level of the Maslow structure they therefore feel they are defending their security with the violence of war. This causes terrorism and angry people. This further causes the terrorists victims to also become angry and retaliate.

When a person feels safe they are then ready to feel love and connection with other people. They become SOCIAL people. The good family structure was the foundation that made them available to get involved in social organizations.

Past the social fulfillment comes SELF ACTUALIZATION, The top of the Maslow’s Pyramid. Some also interpret this level to include spirituality. People who are self actualized feel that they need to fulfill a higher purpose in life. They are no longer concerned merely with survival. The work to complete dreams, goals and try to enrich the lives of people around them. Self Actualization often involves causes outside of the individual such as working for a cause that they believe in.

“Maslow Believed that once a person is self actualized they are in the position to follow their calling.”

       - George Norwood. Connect.net/georgen/maslow.htm Copyright 2002

Enough psychology training, lets relate the psychology back to Network Marketing.  But first a legal disclaimer as well as a valuable lesson.

Hopefully you are not ignorant, but don’t be stupid:
There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance is when you pre-judge a situation without getting all of the facts. Stupidity is when you get information and believe every word that someone says.

I promise you this, as soon as this article is released and circulated, every Network Marketing company under the sun will gravitate to the article to try give it’s company much needed credibility.  This might falsely give you, the reader, the illusion that I might be involved in their particular company. You may end up joining their company and may possibly fail. Because of the failure, you might blame me as if I advised you to join the company who re-printed my article. After all, you read my article and I hopefully made some good points.  

My message is my message but this article is not an endorsement for every network marketing company in the world. I did not evaluate every network marketing company in the world. How can I endorse all of them? This article can be re-printed hundreds of times by almost anyone.  Some illegal “Get Rich Quick” companies may also run the article. YOU MUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK. GET THE FACTS.

There are good Network marketing companies and there are bad ones. There are legal businesses and illegal schemes.

The Good Ones:
There are a handful of companies with a proven business plan with a proven track record for success. That is exactly the kind of company that I am proudly involved in. The company that I am an independent representative for has been proven to be solid and has requirements that are easily obtainable by average people.  There are thousands of formally average people achieving above average incomes by applying a proven business plan. I personally met many of them and I know I will be one of them. I also know that anyone who applies the system can also succeed .

The Bad Ones:
On the other hand, there are many other companies out there without a track record of success. They constantly parade only a small handful of money makers who are probably at the top of their preverbal pyramid. Some other money makers are above average and can make anything they get involved in successful. Many companies do not have a proven business plan. They leave a trail of destruction because the set goals that average people can not achieve.

Due to the fact that there appears to be more bad network marketing companies than there are good ones, it is your responsibility to do you due diligence and properly evaluate the business plan for yourself. Skepticism is good. Stupidity and ignorance is bad.

If You are Not Willing to Work Do Not Join Any Companies.
To be successful at anything, you are required to turn off the TV, get off of the sofa, and do some work. The more work that you do, the faster you will accomplish your goals. Network Marketing companies are businesses. They require training, personal development, people skills, patience, understanding, some selling, and often times talking about the business with other people to see if they too would be willing to work to achieve financial and time freedom.

Only having your name on an application will not get you anywhere. If you don’t plan to participate, do not apply. You will only fail.

Give it Time:
Perhaps you are looking for a “Get Rich Quick”. I personally do not know of any “Get Rich Quick” opportunities that are legal, ethical, and moral.

I do however plan on personally working very hard for 2 to 3 years in order to achieve the leverage that I need to gain the time freedom and financial freedom. That is the business plan that I am committed to.  That is the plan that worked for thousands of others in the company that I am proudly involved in.

Do not quit the first time things do not go your way. Like any new business, you need to first obtain the knowledge and the tools needed to be successful.

Can you imagine the heart surgeon who decides to perform heart surgery after only one week of training and wonders why the patient died? It is not realistic.

If you quit early, without the right training,  you might have been inches away from unbelievable success and did not know it.  

In the company that I work with, I was in a meeting where a woman who was evaluating the business ran into somebody she knew who showed her the business 10 years prior and she was not interested. The distributor who she ran into has since made close to 2 million dollars in commissions with my company (not to mention all of the money from retail sales.) He goes to his mailbox every Monday just to pick up a check for tens of thousands of dollars. If you were that woman who said “no” 10 year prior, you probably would look at the business more closely this time around. (Or become suicidal thinking of what you missed.)

Don’t Confuse Your Improper Activities as a Bad Business Opportunity:
Your laziness and lack of commitment does not constitute a bad company that you joined. If you failed in network marketing due to laziness or quitting quickly, do not tell people that it does not work or the company is a scam. You did not work.

Also, do not confuse activity with productive activities.  Some activities produce results like getting new customers and sharing the business model with other people. Other activities are time wasters and do not produce results (like talking on the phone for 2 hours telling your sponsor why their advice will never work without having tried it.)

What Is the Purpose of This Article?
The one thing that I am hoping to accomplish is to get you to open your mind. Do not fall victim to a deadly case of Ignorance Disease. Do not immediately say “no” to a concept that you were previously afraid of, Network Marketing.

If you keep an open mind then I accomplished my mission. I have heard of thousands of people who have all of the financial freedom and all of the time freedom that they need. They now have the ability to sculpt the life of their dreams.

Some dream of taking their kids to school every day and actively being a part in raising their kids. Other people want to create awareness and educate on the prevention of debilitating diseases that may have taken the live of a loved one. Some people simply do not want money and the company that they worked for to control their life.

The next time somebody like me, suggests you might want to get more information on the company that they are in, keep an open mind and get the facts. Do not judge. In many cases, we may seem relentless. I can tell you from first hand experience that this is because we really think this can help you live the life of your dreams. It is definitely not because we need to recruit you in order to make money.

In fact, if somebody who is proud of the Network Marketing company that they are in does not ask you to evaluate their business, this to me would be more of an insult about your personal character. This often times is a reflection of your personality. They may perceive you as being stubborn, closed minded, a negative individual, a dream stealer, or perhaps just lazy. Unfortunately, these assumptions are often times ignorance on the part of the Network Marketer. We all now know about the deadly Ignorance Disease. It works both ways.
On a more positive note, you simply may not have been approached by someone about their business because they have so much respect and admiration for you that they are simply afraid to talk to you. They may think you are better then them and you would never be interested in a business where with a minimal financial investment you could get a tremendous return on investment. After all you might be what society considers “successful” You may run a million dollar business that also comes with millions of dollars worth of headaches. You might be a professional who works hard for many hours and gets paid well.

You may be the most successful, open-minded, and approachable person in the world but their fear is overwhelming. They are burning up inside to talk to you and the never can find the courage. Their respect and admiration for you  would cause devastation if you belittled them for not respecting their business.

I have already started the dialogue with the #1 person on my “chicken list” and it was the hardest thing that I ever did in my life. I only got through the phone call because I had my trainer on the phone with me who was eloquent and can properly represent the business. Come to think of it, I still owe him another phone call because he was open-minded enough to admit that he does not know enough about the company that I am in. He hopefully will be willing enough to sit down with me and someone who is training me to get all of the facts before he judges the company and me.

Either way, do not feel pressure to join. It is not important for the person who is evaluating the company to join but I guaranty you that they probably know someone who would benefit from the business. Success leads to success. Just your properly understanding the business will make them stop asking you if you are not interested. Just because you personally build and are running a million dollar business does not mean that everyone who you know are in the same position.  If you evaluated it right they are hopefully considerate enough to let you decide if it is something you can see yourself doing. If you can think of an open-minded and ambitious person who would benefit from the business, that would be greatly appreciated.

A quick test to see if you will be (or are) successful or unsuccessful:
As I learned, successful people are more afraid to make a hasty decision than they are afraid of loosing out on a tremendous opportunity.

If you make your decisions quickly this may be a reflection of you lack of future success. If for every 20 bad Ideas that someone gives you there is a diamond in the rough (or even a completely polished diamond), how will you know which one is the diamond if you do not get all of the facts? Not getting the facts could cost you the position at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This is the top of a good pyramid.

If the only thing you are afraid of is your contacts thinking that the business you are in is “one of those Pyramid things” simply give them this article. As I hopefully pointed out, Network Marketing is not a scary concept. It is one of the easiest businesses that you can do to get to a Self Actualized position in life.

In closing, this is the most important question I have for you. If you has all of the time freedom that you need and all of the financial freedom that you could ever need  and once the “Vacation of the month club gets old”, what would you do with your new life. Why did God put you on this earth? Is it for your family, for a cause that you believe in or something else?

Your answer to this question is the very reason that you need to get more facts on many different types of businesses. Don’t let the diamond pass you by due to a crippling case of Ignorance Disease.

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About the author:
Robert Kothe is author of “Millionaires’ Secrets Revealed” This book is a collection of information learned by self-made millionaires that can help you on your quest for personal success.  Robert Kothe is also a business owner and helps other business owner succeed.  You can visit Robert’s web site at www.Factxback.com