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Sparks Fly and a New Appreciation for Custom Fabricated Metal Structures
By Robert Kothe

From time to time I am especially inspired by a business and like to feature them in an article. A new client, Solo Iron Works in Bay Shore New York , a custom metal fabrication shop has jumped to the head of the line for me to feature. Solo Iron works practically invented the Long Island Iron works industry by providing custom fabrication services since 1964.

As a website developer I get immersed in my projects. Each new client is a brand new learning experience. I need to get inside the heads of the customer and really learn about the industry. It becomes a lot more fun when the customer is involved with molten hot metal, sparks and making something out of nothing. A wall full of metal inventory parts get transformed into an elaborate functional piece of architecture.

I had the privilege of watching part of the construction of a spiral stair case being welded in the shop. I was filming a video for the Solo Iron Works website. www.soloironworks.com   It just amazed me that every bend was a battle between the rigid steal and the people making the spiral stair case . They have a sense of confidence in them knowing that they will complete the mission despite the fact that the metal seemed not to want to move. This was probably because this was not the first circular stair case that these guys made.

Using curve bending tools, the hand rail was roughed out into a heavy twisted spiral that amazingly lined up with the stair railings . The handrail did not give in that easily. It took the weight of two men to precisely align the railing to the support. While standing on the rail the iron worker welded the rail to the support beam.

Two days later the spiral stairs were delivered and installed at a Nassau County New York health club. It was only then that I appreciated the experience and need for a totally custom spiral stair case . The health club had vertical blinds that were over 20 feet floor to ceiling. The top landing of the stairs were custom notched out as to not interfere with the vertical blinds. The bottom of the spiral stairs opened up to the perfect spot that did not interfere with the foot traffic of the health club lobby. Solo Iron Works used portable welding equipment to finalize the installation and marry the landing with the spiral stairs .

The owner of the Long Island based health club was excited and impressed with the finished spiral stairs . He was not the only satisfied business owner. Two days before, I was taken to a Suffolk County catering hall where Solo Iron works did many projects. Solo Iron Works did Pipe Railings , wheel chair railings , a wrought iron balcony guard railing , stair railings , an outdoor spiral stair case , and some window guards.

Everything brought a high-end and finished look to the catering hall. I could imagine the bride and grooms in front of the balcony railing or in front of the outdoor railings by the waterfront back yard. Every back drop was a photographers dream.

Before you think that Solo Iron works only does elite and artistic welding projects you should know that my very own wrought iron stoop railing was created by them over five years ago. They came to my house and were the best value for what my wife and I were looking for. They explained the differences in types of metals and finishes and made sure my stoop would not crack when it was drilled out for the railings . Five years later they still look as good as the day it was installed.

For more information about Solo Iron Works go to www.soloironworks.com