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We are Networkers. We Can Help You in Many Ways

What Keeps You Awake at Night?

Every person or business is usually dealing with at least one situation that keeps them (or their management) awake at night. Some people call them problems other people call them challenges.

As we explain here, we can help you in more ways than one.

Some things that may help you sleep a little better at night:

We offer a holistic approach that includes friendly advice, referrals to other businesses who can make a difference, and empowering products that can help you maintain a positive outlook on life.

Great thinkers agree that the best way to make a positive impact on you life is to only focus on changing the things that you directly have control of. This especially includes improving yourself. Unsuccessful people wait for things that they do not have any control over to change. "If it wasn’t for the President's economic policy, I'd be successful." Successful people change the things they can control.

In the new information age the days of "check your brains at the door" corporate policies will be giving way to empowerment and the growth of the human spirit. Many great minds call this the human "voice".  

Businesses that succeed in this economy will do so by specialization combined with "Coopepitition". This is a combination of cooperation and competition. It is to combination of complimentary businesses to provide a unified solution.

Networking is key. Businesses with the most complete and effective networks will bring in more business. Large, slow moving, high overhead, mega-corporations can not operate at margins low enough to satisfy the lion share of small business contracts.

Leverage our network. and take advantage of your businesses "voice".

Are you a businessperson? Do you work with business people?

. . . Just about everybody does.

Our whole society is made up of millions of individuals who each do a distinctly separate part to help society.

Are you 1 in 100 or 100% interested in helping people?

Lets imagine that there are only 100 different professions in this world. If you were a businessperson in one of those professions then you represent only 1% of all of the possible solutions that people may need. Therefore, if demand for each profession were equal, than only 1 out of every 100 people will be in need of you at this moment.

Do you like those odds? Does it bother you to think that 99% of the people you may meet on a daily basis could not use your help at this time? If you like people as much as we do then you may find this upsetting also.

The above example represents the traditional “Can I Help You” approach. Just like the phase you might hear from a retail salesperson when you walk into a store. It often means, “can I sell you something”? The emphasis is on the word “I”. The salesperson might be simply wondering how they can he/she make money.

Factxback is 100% interested in empowering people and companies. We strive to truly solve problems that keep you up at night.

Most of the time individuals and businesses all have major concerns that keep them awake at night. The solution is simple. WE LISTEN TO YOU. We want to understand your concerns. We know that it is very likely that the products and services that we have to offer may not be what you need to solve your current problem at the present time.

So if what we offer might only represent 1% of the solutions than how can we help you?

After properly listening to your concerns, we first take a holistic approach to solving the problem. Factxback relies on a network of individuals, professionals, and businesses to share in the load. We sculpt a possible solution and work with the people who will be capable of solving the problem.

When we refer you to one of our networking partners there is no fee to you. We simply know that if we significantly and genuinely help you with the thing that keeps you up at night, someday you will hopefully remember us when you need the 1% solution that we have to offer.

So what does Factxback Specialize in?

Listening to people and solving problems. Do you need this?

What other services and products does Factxback provide?